Our ORGANIC products are certified by DIO. DIO is an independent and impartial third party control body ("Certification Body") that monitors compliance of organic products with current European and national legislation.

Organic products certification is a prerequisite established by law for the use of the term “organic”. The legislative framework that governs organic products is specified based on European Regulation 834/2007/EC. Certification is available by “Certification Bodies” approved by the Ministry of Rural Development and Food.

Organic products meet strict specifications, starting from the fields and reaching your table! On a primary plant production level, a farming facility that produces organic products shall limit or strictly avoid the use of synthetic fertilisers and pesticides, plant growth regulators and hormones.

The same applies in primary livestock production, where the use of veterinary medicinal products as well as food additives is limited or strictly avoided.

On a processing level, the identity of organic products is maintained with specific methods of separation from conventional products, as to avoid any possible contamination of organic products from non-organic products.

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